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Dr Jimoh Olubanwo Agbaje, Dr. Henri Diederich, Dr. Mohamed Seghir Babouche

The rehabilitation of an atrophied maxilla presents a complex, multi-faceted challenge for the dental professional1- 3. A variety of strategies have been developed over the years, each with its unique set of benefits and drawbacks. The more invasive techniques, while often effective, involve a greater level of surgical trauma, higher cost, longer recovery times, and a higher risk of complications 4- 7.

On the other hand, minimal invasive approaches offer several advantages, including shorter healing periods and less surgical morbidity, albeit with their own set of challenges 8 -11. Among these, the use of pterygoid implants and the transnasal approach, when applied with specific implants, may allow for early loading, providing patients with a functional, aesthetic, and stable oral rehabilitation within 2-3 weeks 5,10. This paper present two cases that illustrate the application and effectiveness of these minimally invasive strategies.

Keywords: Rehabilitation, full arch implant prosthesis, One-piece Implants, Pterygoid implants, transnasal approach, One Piece Tissue level implants

Full Case Study