Open Dental Community

Open Dental Community was founded on the 31st of October 2016 in Luxembourg with an officially elected president of the organization – Henri Diederich.

Open Dental Community is a non-profit organization founded to unite dental professionals from all over the world who are available to share their experiences and observations to maintain lifelong learning concepts and constant improvement in dental implantology.

Developed to provide educational content without commercial association to any manufacturer or brand to build trust and credibility. Open Dental Community indicates itself as an independent science partner that shares knowledge and experience in dental implantology through events, lectures, discussions, and open approaches in collaboration with implant manufacturers.

Collaboration between science and development

The ROOTT Implant system, developed by TRATE, results from evidence-based collaboration with partners from the Open Dental Community, providing a significant link between industry and dental professionals.

ROOTT dental implant treatment system is conditional with the ECRS method, created in collaboration with the Open Dental Community, which sets higher standards and functionality in professional dentistry through consistent growth of experience and trust.

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