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Open Dental Community is a non-profit organization founded to unite dental professionals worldwide to share their experiences and observations to further develop and improve the dental industry.


The organization was officially founded on the 31st of October 2016 in Luxembourg.
The first President of the ODC was appointed MD Henry Diederich.


ODC was declared as a Space Free From Stereotypes. We believe that innovation is key to the future of dentistry. We build the community based on continuity to maintain lifelong learning concepts and constant improvement.

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Minimal Invasive Approaches to Maxillary Atrophy: Two Case Reports Featuring One-Piece Tissue Level Implants and Fixed Screw Retained Bridges

Dr Jimoh Olubanwo Agbaje, Dr. Henri Diederich, Dr. Mohamed Seghir Babouche Introduction The rehabilitation of…

Open Dental Community private meeting 2023: Mastering soft tissue and bone contour

On February 6th, 2023, the Open Dental Community (ODC) hosted a private meeting event at…
Case studies

Full Arch Rehabilitation of Edentulous Space with One Piece Tissue Level Implants

Dr Jimoh Olubanwo Agbaje, Dr. Henri Diederich Introduction The loss of teeth can affect people…


It’s my second time attending an ODC event. Many new cases and examples. Lovely examples of usage of Pterygoid Implants with immediate loading on the upper and lower jaws

Dr. Eric BeckerSuccessful implantation in atrophied bone

I've had an amazing opportunity to learn about non-classical ideas and methods of dental treatment during an event.

Dr. Firas OsmanMinimal invasive in oral rehabilitation with Dr M. Qasem

I had great pleasure attending this ODC event, and learn new things about immediate loading.

Dr. Einas Ali Elsheikh AhmedMinimal invasive in oral rehabilitation

It was very beneficial, I'm really happy to learn more about the implant systems and to be able to use them more in my practice.

Dr. Sundaram RajaramTwo-piece and One-piece implants

The event was very useful and we've got a lot of new information about the newest systems in implantology.

Dr. Tamam Haj AliTwo-piece and One-piece implants

Dr. Daniel Saad showed extensive severe cases and how you can change the treatment protocol using compressive implants.

Dr. Ehab RashedFull Jaws Re-invented

The concept of the one-piece implant, the bendable abutment, the pterygoid implants, new options for our patients where we can’t use regular implants. We can have more options now.

Dr. Arjumand Kabli

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