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“My best experience with Open Dental Community is to be able to consult our cases with people from all over the world”

– Dr. Tomasz C., Poland

“I recommend to every doctor to come here”

– Dr. Abdulhafiz M., Syria

“The best thing that you are consistent, you always want to keep everything updated”

– Dr. Mustafa G., Egypt

“We make contacts with other dentists and we exchange information, exchange friendship and exchange our professional life”

Dr. Hadjira H., Algeria

“Enjoy all the experience and expertise for all the doctors”

Dr. David V., Spain

“To share knowledge, to network with people through experience in this [event]”

– Dr. Ahmed M., Egypt

“I recommend to join Open Dental Community to have the same experience as I have”

– Dr. Babouche Mohamed S., Algeria

“The best thing is the relationship with doctors”

– Dr. Yaseen A., Iraq

“This is unbelievable, nice connection between useful and wideness possibilities”

– Dr. Mikołaj Zdzisław K., Poland

“The lecturers are very good, they give us something new”

– Dr. Amer Al N., Jordan

“One of the reasons I’m here is to improve my skills”

– Dr. Pietro B., Italy

“I got a lot of knowledge about one-piece implant”

– Dr. Tho P., Cambodia

“It’s a wonderful thing to interact with different people”

– Dr. Christopher K., Zambia

“Good experience, gifted lectures”

Dr. Peter K., Zambia

“It is a pure scientific platform”

– Dr. Abduljaleel Azad S., Iraq