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Open Dental Community Congress

Long-term dental health: the usage of different prosthetic methods

Language: English
Date: March 13th, 2023
Location: Cologne, Germany
Time: 09:00 AM

Open Dental Community Congress is a full-day conference starring unique international specialists and speakers. This year’s Congress is a great opportunity to improve your knowledge about different prosthetic methods, featuring Open Dental Community experts with great practices and cases.


All-on-x provisional prosthesis in immediate loading
Alexandre Rovisco – Portugal

Immediate loading and practice of All-on-x has been used in the past as an alternative method for the surgical phase of the treatment during implantation. Still, today is becoming more and more popular due to cost perspectives, immediate results, and complexity. As various components of the immediate loading are clear, this lecture is designed to examine a more complex matter – provisional prosthesis and its possibilities and limitations.

This topic aims to learn more about surgical and prosthetic protocols, the benefits and downsides, variations of ROOTT M and ROOTT R, and future considerations for All-on-X provisional prosthesis in immediate loading.

Maximal passivity of dental bridges fixation on implants
Dainius Karpavicius – Lithuania

The biological and structural features of different types of screw implants and their superstructures are essential for bridge-type dental prosthetics fixation accuracy and passivity. During the lecture, attendees can learn how to achieve maximum passivity while fixing bridge-type dental prostheses using different methods and dental implant superstructures. This analytical approach helps doctors to solve the problems of edentulous patients’ rehabilitation with a better understanding of the usage of proper solutions while dental bridges are going to be fixed.

This lecture aims to give doctors recommendations for achieving maximum accuracy and passivity while dental bridge rehabilitation is performed.

Manual for digital implantology step by step. Improve your prosthetics and surgery
Karampinis Triantafyllos – Greece

Each year the evolving dentistry industry encourages everyone to improve faster and faster to adapt to the changes and innovations of everyday dentistry. As digital implantology has become a daily part of everyday life for progressive specialists in implantology, it is essential to know step-by-step protocols and reach desirable results effortlessly.

This lecture aims to cover the basics and delve deeper into smile design, intraoral scanning protocols, 3D X-ray analyses, and precision with technical explanation from very start to finish. This lecture will show how to combine and implement digital workflow into your daily work.


Welcoming coffee
Dr. Dainius Karpavicius:
"Maximal passivity of dental bridges fixation on implants"
Dr. Alexandre Rovisco:
"All-on-X provisional prosthesis in immediate loading"
Dr. Karampinis Triantafylos:
"Manual for digital implantology step by step. Improve your prosthetics and surgery"


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2023 Mar 13


All Day


Cologne, Germany
Cologne, Germany


  • Dr. Alexandre Rovisco
    Dr. Alexandre Rovisco

    Degree in Dentistry at the Higher Institute of Health Sciences, 2001. Postgraduate in Orthodontics by the Gnathos Foundation with a teaching load of 400 hours. The doctor attended many theoretical and practical courses in Implantology and holds a certification in Pedagogical Skills for trainers and lecturers. Lecturer in topics varying from General implantology to Immediate loading. The doctor is also the Nobel Guide System Guided Surgery and surgical planning trainer. Working for Clínica Alexandre Rovisco.

  • Dr. Dainius Karpavicius
    Dr. Dainius Karpavicius

    Dr. odontologist – periodontologist. The doctor has accumulated more than a decade of professionalism in dental implantation and prosthetics, minimally invasive procedures, and non-standard options in the case of patient rehabilitation. Leading clinical types of research for postgraduate students. Reading lectures about implantology and prosthetic treatment techniques in Lithuania and other countries. Running hands-on (practical) courses dedicated to minimal invasive implantology and new prosthetic treatment possibilities.

  • Dr. Triantafyllos Karampinis
    Dr. Triantafyllos Karampinis
    DDS, MSc in Implantology

    The doctor received his first bachelor’s degree (BDetTech) in 2003 from the Athens-based Dental Technology University. At the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Dentistry, he earned his second bachelor’s degree. Simultaneously to studying dentistry attended a one-year-long postgraduate masters’ course on Teaching Students of Healthcare Professions, (M.Ed.). In addition, the doctor finished a two-year postgraduate study in implantology (Dip.Dent.) at Seattle’s City Unity College in Athens. Afterward, obtained one more master’s certificate in implantology (M.Dent.) which was held in Italy at UNIMORE university.

    Ensuring his valuable expertise of over ten years in oral implantology and implant prosthetics. In Greece and the United Kingdom, implanted over 2.500 implants and took part in various congresses, events, and training programs as a lecturer.