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Dr Jimoh Olubanwo Agbaje, Dr. Henri Diederich

The loss of teeth can affect people in numerous ways; it impairs aesthetics, mastication (chewing), and speech. In most cases impaired masticatory ability impacts food selection, often leading to poor dietary selections resulting to poor nutritional choices with its associated morbidities. In most patients the quality of life reduces 1, 2. Clinical treatment and respective prosthetic solutions help restore aesthetics, mastication, and speech which also improves patient quality of life 3-5.

The cases below illustrate full arch rehabilitation of edentulous area. A number of patients presented in this study used full denture which was either loose or unsatisfactory, in others there is impaired masticatory ability due to their edentulousness. In all cases, prompt rehabilitation was sought within a short period without an elaborate and invasive procedure 6-8. Patient missing functional abilities was restored, bringing relief and satisfaction to patients.

Keywords: rehabilitation, full arch implant prosthesis, one piece implants, pterygoid implants, one piece tissue level implants.

Full Case Study