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Dr Jimoh Olubanwo Agbaje¹ and Dr.Henri Diederich*²

  1. UCLL Hoge School, Belgium
  2. Dental Clinic Henri Diederich, 51 av Pasteur, Luxembourg, Europe


*Corresponding author: Henri Diederich, Dental Surgeon, Dental Clinic Henri Diederich, 114 av. de la Faiencerie, L- 1511, Luxembourg


The CF@O, Cortically Fixed at Once, implant system is a recent innovation aimed at the rehabilitation of difficult and failed implant cases within a short period of time without the need for extensive surgical operation. The use of conventional intraosseous implants may be limited or inapplicable in restoring some edentulous spaces due to various anatomical reasons. The Cortically Fixed at Once approach uses the remaining cortical bone to fix specially designed implants. The Implant system consists of several types of components specifically developed for different locations in the jaw. The high fatigue strength of the solid titanium implants (without any welds or added parts) is particularly indicated for mechanically demanding situations (the canine and zygomatic sectors of the maxilla) and the mandibular ramus.
CF@O incorporates the whole range of treatment procedures available to the implantologist, and it is a reliable alternative where there is substantial bone resorption. The use of bone augmentation to enable placement of an enough and length of implants is usually not required with CF@O implants. The presented case report describes steps followed for the functional restoration of an edentulous patient with the CF@O implant system without bone grafts or sinus lift.

Keywords: Cortically Fixed at Once implants; Pterygoid implants; Hybrid plates; Atrophied maxilla; Rehabilitation

Full Case Study