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Ease daily implantology with digital workflow

Digital Implantology makes our lives easier. Provides precise operation and enables long-term success in implant therapy.
Through this lecture we will learn the possibilities that the digital world offers in implantology, starting from planning through a surgical procedure to the prosthetic restoration of lost teeth. We will present the entire range of products necessary to enter digital implantology

Event start: 9 am, November 19th, 2022

Learning objectives

  • How to start and complete with digital workflow?
  • Know-how and what products to choose when choosing a digital approach
  • Implant superstructures for digital planning of the restoration: Which and How?
  • Learn what the digital world offers to your current practice.

Learning outcomes

  • Make your job easier and more predictable.
  • Ease your daily workflow
  • A more predictable result
  • Precise operation and long-term success

Info and registration

Abu Dhabi, UAE
November 19th, 2022

+971 56 411


2022 Nov 19


All Day


Abu Dhabi, UAE


  • Dr. Tome Piperaliev
    Dr. Tome Piperaliev
    DDS in oral surgery and implantology

    National and international speaker, an attendee of a vast amount of courses. Charismatic and exceptional speaker of Open Dental Community, mostly known for flawless precision and screw-retained bar restorations.