Regular clinical

over-the-shoulder training

by Dr. El Moheb (Paris)






2 days monthly training | Up to 4 participants | Selective admission

Course highlights

• theory
• workshops
• sinus-lifting
• live-surgery assisting
• MPM in bone-grafting
• connective tissue grafting
• immediate implantation after extraction


Over-the-shoulder training offers to participant the chance to learn new information and then immediately see it applied.
The limited number of participants allows for everyone to be able to sit down with us chair side and see what happening. It gives more opportunities to get questions answered and achieve total understanding.
No lecture no slides and no videos can replace the real thing. Seeing the hole and the entire surgical procedure in all details and complications is an experience that cannot be shared by videos or lectures. Being able to observe the surgery in action, there is no substitute. It is one thing to hear to talk about it and to see pictures or videos in lectures, but it is another thing to be able to sit down with us and to see it happen. It is impossible to cover every detail of what may happen during this process in lecture alone.
Live demonstration allows us to not only to cover the procedures, but more to cover every gap that is not covered by the lectures.